Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Gay ice Cream!

Sorry about your luck, but when you get a chubby chairman writing the blogs, there are bound to be food stories more often than not, lol. So to bookend the last blog post about Ben and Jerrys celebration of Vermont marriage with Hubby Hubby ice cream, I now bring you the BIG GAY ICE CREAM TRUCK! I came across the truck on my day job as a marketing consultant. I was reading an article on how LGBT owned small businesses were being creative to get through the current recession. Doug Quint, a musician who had summers off from performing was looking for a way to make money during the off season. He came up with the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, with toppings from Toasted Coconut Curry to Wasabi Pea Dust. He has caught on big around the streets of New York, and using social media like blogging and twitter to let customers know where the truck will be that day, he is getting more followers daily. Doug's twitter account has over 3,000 followers and he just started the business in June. You can check out their Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Blog and their Twitter Feed, and you can check out their story on video below. Let's hear it for Gay Ingenuity!! We Rock!!...S


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