Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can Gay Marriage Turn Around An Economy?

Brian Wells, left this little nugget HERE on his facebook page and I love the story. According to the Advocate magazine, a quaint little town North of Madrid has seen a boom in business and the revitalization of it's economy, by becoming THE place for the LGBT community to get married. The accepting town has even elected an openly gay mayor, who was instrumental in the idea of getting people who couldn't be married by more narrow minded places near the region, even though Spain does allow gay marriage since 2005.

Could you imagine if Youngstown and our surrounding Mahoning Valley became THE place for the LGBT community to feel welcome? It's difficult to imagine but not impossible. After all, both Warren and Youngstown city councils passed supporting the equal rights bills currently in the Ohio legislature. What if we took these new green zones and cheap housing and turned them into gayborhoods. Keep the energy positive, if you think you cant, you surely wont, but if you think it's possible, it surely is, and if you work to making it true, it definitely will be. Thanx Brian for the link.


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