Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Wall Down... A Few to Go

Early yesterday morning Tom and I met at the the new pride center space to paint. Brian and I picked out a nice neutral color to paint the old wooden paneling. I brought bagels, sweet tea, and water for everyone, but I also forgot to call Laura and Kay who were anxiously waiting at home for my call so they could report for painting duty. OOPS! 

Tom and I made quick work out of painting and finished a little after noon. Have a look. 

I like the color that we picked out it is a nice neutral color that really lightens the atmosphere.

After carefully taping down the drop cloth Tom carefully paints the edging. 

Here is a finished wall.

And another angle.

It is so exciting to see this space come together! Don and his friends have put so much work into making this space ready for us to use that the transformation is amazing. We are excited to start having events here. 

Speaking of events we will be having our first support group meeting here tonight!


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