Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Old Fashioned Painting Party!

This sunday a few members of the MVPC met up at the new building for a painting party. I (Louis) felt like a lazy beast when next to Kay who was a painting machine! Have a look! We started off by base coating the old paneling with KILZ. KILZ will seal the surface and prep it for a nice neutral color, which Brian and I will go and pick out after work today. photo_3  

I had to take Lucy, if she stayed at home then she would have been in her kennel all day long and I just couldn't have that. She quickly made herself at home in the new Pride Center. She was running laps and sniffing everything. I even heard people saying that she should be our mascot!

Here is the wall almost completely coated with KILZ. We had a few fans going and it was not warm at all. photo_5  

After a pizza break we were ready to go back to work. Okay, I was not ready to go back to work but as I previously mentioned Kay is a painting machine! I was ready for a nap.

Lucy had to supervise absolutely everyone and everything that was going on at the new center and as you know an afternoon's worth of supervising can wear a girl out. photo_7


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