Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Generous Donations..

Recently at a community planning meeting the idea of a "Wish List." Well thanks to the generosity of a few people two of the biggest items on our wish list were recently donated.

Have a look..

Brian and I were happy to go and pick up the donated refrigerator for the Pride Center.

We were a bit nervous while driving down the steep icy hill by the Pride Center, but we made it.

Brian and I were so excited to the the brand new stove that was donated.

Here is the fridge in its new home.

Youngstown Cityscape generously donated flower bulbs to beautify the outside of the Pride Center.

After all of the moving and cleaning of appliances we were so excited about the turn out for Movie Night. The movie we watched was Mamma Mia and there were a total of 18 of us there. The food was great and so was the company, this was the largest movie that we have had so far!



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grand Opening of the Stonewall Community Center

This morning I had to get up early to start cooking the cake for the grand opening of the Stonewall Community Center. We were also celebrating our annual holiday party. I made a double layer white cake with strawberry and cream frosting. It was soooo good!


Plenty of people showed up and brought so much delicious food. I also made a huge pot of haluski.

Laura got up and explained her wish for everyone to participate in Operation Holiday Cheer. Laura worked hard to provide every one at the party with cards and addresses of local soldiers who are serving overseas. Laura delivered two touching speeches about the importance of letting the soldiers know that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Everyone was listening carefully to Laura's instructions on how to send a card and holiday cheer to our troops. Laura stressed that we are all her extended family.

After her speech we got back to eating listening to music and talking! Everyone was full of food and getting tired close to 9:30PM.

At about 5 minutes till 10:00PM there was a loud smash and the sound of glass shattering stopped the laughter and music.
After a few seconds everyone ran outside to see two men wearing hooded sweatshirts walking far down the street proud of the fact that they just shattered our window and knocked down our "Pride Center Event" sign. The men were too far away to identify and they disappeared.

Here are pictures of the rest of the grand opening of The Stonewall Community Center and holiday party.

We got all the shattered glass cleaned up.

I am not sure why but the police man asked if we even wanted to make a police report. He said they would probably never find out who did it (even though the tracks in the snow were clear as day).

After we DID CHOOSE TO MAKE A POLICE REPORT we were given this piece of paper.


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