Monday, August 24, 2009

Rain Stays Away For Annual Picnic At Craigs Beach

The annual summer picnic at Craig Beach was held this past Saturday from 10-5pm. Special thanks to Laura Davis, K. Davis, and Joey Kramar for taking charge of the event. Not only did they buy all of the supplies and cook all of the hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone, they were also at the campsite before 9 to set it all up and even circled the tables and laid out tablecloths.

The event drew about 20 people. More were expected but a lot of people were scared off due to threat of rain, and there was another picnic up in Geneva that was put on by Erie Pride. Everyone had a great time, the sky was blue most of the day, it got warm, but not too hot, and there were a few that took advantage of the cool lake to splash around a bit. Thanx to everyone that attended, and we are looking for bigger and bigger turn-outs at future events. Pictures will be posted soon.


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